The World's No.1 Spy Cat (retired)

Slightly Grumpy & Totally Adorable

I'm happiest sitting on Klem's windowsill, watching the world go by. After the life I've had, I deserve a rest...

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Here are just some of my adventures as The World's No.1 Spy Cat!

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Mr P and the Boy in the Tree
(Available December 2021)
Mr P and the Invisible Flea
(Available December 2021)
Mr P and the Slimy Mystery
(Available December 2021)

Now I'm retired. So what's my life like?
A picture tells a thousand words...

‘Who needs a litter tray? Well, I don’t!’

‘A walk in the park is good exercise, for me!’

‘If I’m hungry, there’s no need to bother Klem!’

‘I even make myself useful in the garden!’

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Alas, my life is far from perfect.
Even I can’t avoid a visit to the dreaded vet...